Daniel Thompson - Chiralconcentrate Rx

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson - Chiralconcentrate Rx

C o n t a i n s 10 % L - A s c o r b y l P a l m i t a t e

Biologically active formula designed to provide maximum results in the minimum amount of time.  Chirally correct Vitamin C provides exfoliation, brightness, and stimulates the development of collagen cross links in the skin. Blending 11 lipid identical compounds (Natural Moisturizing Factors), potent Vitamin E, and Bulgarian Rose Oil Chiralconcentrate Rx provides a powerful anti-ageing, hydration, anti-acne, and dermal repairing treatment. Suitable for all skin types including very sensitive.

Use: Apply directly to clean, dry skin every morning. Safe for the eye area. Follow with sunscreen.


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