Daniel Thompson - Chiralgel Rx

Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson - Chiralgel Rx

C o n t a i n s 5 % D - P a n t h e n o l

Biologically active formula designed to provide maximum results in the minimum amount of time.  Chirally correct ProVitamin B5 provides intense hydration, reduces inflammation, improves elasticity, and accelerates epidermal wound healing. Blending hyaluronic acid and 6 natural vasoconstrictors Chiralgel Rx provides a highly targeted first aid skin care treatment. Suitable for all skin types including very sensitive.

Use: Apply to any area of the face and eyes, as needed, to repair trauma on the skin, Apply a thin layer, allow to absorb for 3 minutes, then massage excess into the skin. Use alone or follow with Chiralconcentrate Rx.


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